The Artificial Intelligence arrives to Segovia with TAIGER

The company Taiger will open soon an Artificial Intelligence R&D “Excellence Centre” in Segovia (Spain).

Singapur, Hong Kong, Dubai, Nueva York, Mexico and Madrid are already locations where Taiger is present and they will add Segovia to the list very soon.

Its Artificial Intelligence R&D “Excellence Centre” will be opened there very soon. As Sinuhé Arroyo, CEO and founder, explained to La 8 Segovia “the investment will be of €3.7M, that will be cofounded between the Junta de Castilla y León and Taiger itself”.

They will hire 75 people for a 3 year project and they are looking for computer engineers, computational linguists and artificial intelligence experts.

Arroyo said that they will prioritize among those who studied in Universities in this region (Castilla y León).


For additional details, please see the link below:

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