COVID-19: Stay updated with official sources

If you would like to stay updated regarding COVID-19, please follow these official sources and avoid fake news:

💻 *Websites on COVID-19 situation*
📱*Receive updates on the go*
🤖 *COVID-19 Info Bot – a repository of answers to your questions on latest measures*
ℹ Summarised info from different govt agencies, organised into topics that are of interest to you
🏥 *Sick? Find a PHPC clinic near you*
🤧 *COVID-19 online symptom checker*
🤳 *Installing TraceTogether app*
✅ *Support for S’poreans & businesses*
📝 *SG United Jobs Portal*
🌳 *Check how crowded malls/parks are before going*
📞 *Hotlines*
MOH COVID-19 hotline 1800 333 9999
National CARE hotline -for those facing anxiety and stress: 6202 6868
To get more information and the full list of official sources: 

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