Brands with Purpose: Sustainability Beyond the Trend

Brands with Purpose: Sustainability Beyond the Trend

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The way consumers today connect with brands has evolved. Sustainable brands have been gaining popularity in recent years. Consumers today are more likely to stay loyal to a brand if they have shared ideals. 

Many brands today have started to become more sustainable, from sourcing eco-friendly materials to recycling materials and reducing waste. Brands today are embracing sustainable marketing in their communication strategies to connect with their consumers better. Sustainability has to come with a purpose, it can’t be a pose that brands fit at their plans for attracting more consumers, as on the past years society has been highly increasing its values and they do not go for brands that only say what they would do, but they stand for a real purpose. That’s why sustainable marketing is positioning  brands to be an advocate for environmental or societal issues. It helps to give brands a competitive edge by humanizing their brands messaging and having a purpose. 

But, as said before sustainable marketing requires commitment. These aren’t simple ‘buzzwords’ or ‘trends’, they are programs dedicated to reducing carbon emissions, increasing recyclable materials, and improving prospects for the next generation. Brands need to be able to practice what they preach by walking the talk.

In order to boost  green credentials and reap the benefits of sustainable marketing, brands need to create a strategy that will resonate with their  customer base. How they do this will be different depending on their  industry, business size, and target market, but these are some things to think about:

          1. Decide on a cause that is relevant to the brand story

Brands need to be selective about the cause that  they would like to support and show to their customers that they are genuinely committed to it. This will be different for every brand, and only they can decide what makes the most sense. Brands need to connect the dots for their customers and show them how their products and services relate to their goals.This helps to create a more authentic story in the mind of their  customers.

          2. Create a branding strategy that revolves around sustainability

Once they know what the brand stands for, it’s time for brands to build their image. They need to think about how they can reinforce their sustainable ideals in everything they do.This will help to reinforce their sustainable identity in every interaction they have with their customers.Start by reviewing every single process and supply chain within their business and make sure it’s in line with their sustainability goals. It is important for brands to be consistent and coherent in their branding strategy and their brand’s key messaging points.

          3. Donating a percentage of company profits to a cause

One of the easiest yet most powerful ways for brands to show their commitment to a cause is by donating a portion of their profits to a particular cause their customers can get behind. Whether it’s a small percentage or more, this will make their consumers feel like they can contribute to a cause just by shopping with their brand. For example, every time a customer buys a pair of shoes from TOMS Shoes, they’ll donate a pair to someone in one of 15 countries around the world.

          4. Positioning brands as a green influencer

Create engaging posts on social media to drive awareness for the cause that they are advocating for. Brands can also create a blog to keep customers updated on the new things that they are doing, and encourage their fans to share it to spread their message further.

          5. Have strategic partnerships with brands that share the same ideals

Reinforce the brand’s commitment to a cause by partnering with other brands or influencers that share the same ideals. This will enable brands to tap on a larger database to create awareness on their sustainability efforts. As credibility is key, It is also important to do prior research on their partners. Brands need to make sure that their strategic partners are not currently collaborating with other brands who do not share the same ideals or have been flagged by the media in the past for not being sustainable. This might cause more damage to a brand’s reputation than enhancing it.

Having a sustainable marketing strategy is a long-term initiative.  Brands want potential and existing customers to know that they care for the generations to come and are truly committed to the well-being of the planet. The ideas above will help to give  brands a great kickstart on developing a strategy around sustainable marketing. In the long run, this might be what sets these brands  apart from competitors and potentially help these  brands win awards for their sustainability efforts. 

At Tinkle International, we are proud to be one of the first marketing agencies in the world that pride ourselves on having Zero Carbon Emissions. We truly believe that every effort towards being sustainable will make a difference in the future, and we continue to strive for more everyday. We want to go beyond that. We want to make a bigger impact on society. As such, we have launched our very own volunteer project; “Tinkle Connector”. Tinkle Connector has more than 20% of its staff who work together with NGOs on children’s causes, to help and train young people, and to provide care for the elderly. We have also partnered with a new partner, Repack, to make our parcel shipments sustainable and join a trend: the circular economy through the re-use of materials. From now on our most exclusive shipments are part of a packaging project with a positive impact on the environment. The package wrap we ship will be used and reused over and over again. We send, the recipient receives and only has to deposit the packaging in the nearest mailbox so that Repack receives it, cleans it and reuse it.

If you require additional help, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. Our team would love to help you with your brand messaging or advise on any marketing needs that your company might have!


Gema Blasco, managing director Tinkle International