Coverlam Top porcelain countertops (GRESPANIA), now also hygienic anti-bacterial surfaces thank to H&CTILES

These days, the kitchen is one of the key spaces in a house, a nerve centre: it’s not only where we cook but also a meeting point where we can share moments with family and friends.

Hygiene and safety are two key factors in choosing one material over another, especially for surfaces that come into contact with food.

Coverlam Top countertops are able to meet the most demanding domestic requirements when it comes to thermal, chemical and damp-induced stain resistance. Because they have virtually no pores, they also guarantee a hygienic anti-bacterial surface, ideal for handling food. Thanks to H&CTILES technology, Coverlam Top countertops become bactericidal surfaces, promoting hygiene in sensitive areas like the kitchen.

You can place your trust in Coverlam Top, which holds NSF certification, guaranteeing its suitability for food contact.

In addition to the quality and specific properties of the material, you should consider the aesthetic finish, the design and the character that you want to see reflected in a space as personal as the kitchen. Coverlam Top features a wide variety of porcelain countertop collections, inspired by differing natural materials. They come in a choice of six types of finishes, including monochrome ones or looks like stone, cement, wood, metal or marble.

In the Coverlam Top catalogue, you will find inspiration and original kitchen ideas.

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