Blockchain technology is inevitable and we’ll tell you why

With the rapid development of cryptocurrency and its underlying blockchain technologies, major corporations, financial institutions and governments are deploying resources to explore the potential of this emerging technology. Blockchain opens a wide range for developing a better democratic and digital world.

In this virtual event we will discuss the fundamentals about distributed ledger technology, the use cases of cryptocurrencies and the adoption of blockchain across sectors, including the rise of stablecoins and asset tokenization.

About the speakers


Sonia Mayenco is the Regional Head of Compliance for a global cryptocurrency company in Southeast Asia. She has been actively involved in the crypto space for over six years, with exposure to both investing and trading. Her first initiative was as a founding member and acting in-house legal counsel for a start-up named ‘Cryptosigma’, a blockchain-based remittance company established in 2014 in Singapore. In 2015 the company joined the Singapore Startupbootcamp, one of the world’s biggest FinTech accelerators and was selected as one of the Top 3 blockchain start-ups, backed by the Singapore Government.

Sonia is also a Qualified Lawyer with over ten years’ professional experience, including the delivery of expert legal support and advice on compliance and regulatory matters, with a focus on banking, payments and crypto. Sonia was formerly an Associate Director at Deloitte Singapore and her most recent engagement at the firm involved establishing the crypto regulatory practice for the APAC region.

In her early career, Sonia practiced law for nearly 3 years in the Banking and Finance department of Ramon y Cajal Abogados, one of the leading law firms in Spain.

Yacine Terai is a technology entrepreneur veteran with 15+ years creating market access and business development for businesses. Driven by his passion for cutting edge technologies and pushing boundaries, he has specialised in everything from service, IOT to Blockchain technology solutions.

He is experienced in Web3.0 business modelling and alternative crowdfunding for innovative startups building decentralised solutions. Before creating his own Blockchain accelerator in Europe he joined Coinsilium Group, publicly listed ICAP ISDX pioneer Blockchain investment company.

In 2017, he founded Coinsilium Group investee StartupToken, a Blockchain consulting firm providing access to funding,business designing & marketing support. StartupToken has backed a dozen of Web 3.0 driven startups andco-led USD +$150M in funding, creating innovative solutions challenging the status quo.Advisor for a portfolio of startups and companies and board member of Blockchain for Humanity (B4H), aBlockchain for social impact focused Foundation. Aside from consultancy and advisory in Web 3.0transformation and adoption, he is also the creator of the Group INSEEC-U Paris Masters Degree inBlockchain Design for business and engineering students for Group INSEEC-U Paris in their.