Networking event among the Members of the Spanish Chambers of Commerce in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. 27 April 5pm SGT


Our SpanishCham SG has organized in collaboration with the Spanish Chambers of Commerce in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam a Networking event among the Members of the mentioned Chambers of Commerce. 

The objective of the event is for all companies Members to meet similar companies in other countries with which they can talk about possible future collaborations, exchange business experiences, comment on business strategies, comment on characteristics of their respective markets, etc. 

The Networking event will take place online on the 27 April at 5pm Singapore Time. 

For more information and registration write to 

Webinar: “Using Intellectual Property (IP) to safely navigate in the era of the Internet of Things (IoT)”

Using IP to safely navigate

EuroCham will be co-organising our next webinar on “Using Intellectual Property (IP) to safely navigate in the era of the Internet of Things (IoT)” with South-East Asia IP SME Helpdesk on 13th April (Wednesday) from 4.00 – 5.00 pm. Register for a complimentary ticket here:

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) has completely transformed the way we perceive connectivity. IoT is connecting billions of intelligent “things” to our fingertips with endless opportunities of implementation across industries such as agriculture for yield production, healthcare for wearables, logistics for real-time tracking and automobiles for self-driving vehicles.

This event aims to offer a detailed overview of the role and future challenges of IP in the rapidly growing field of IoT. Industry experts and company representatives will give their views on the IP landscape and emerging issues in Singapore to help understand which key IP issues businesses should look at within the IoT sector.

New Networking event: Wine and Spanish food products tasting, on Wednesday, March 30.  

The SpanishCham SG organizes on March 30, from 7 pm to 9 pm, a Networking event for Members where we will have a wine tasting and a tasting of Spanish premium food products from two of our Members. 

We will taste 5 wines from the Winery RAVENTOS CODORNÍU, one of the most important wineries in Spain and with international recognition The tasting will be directed by the oenologist Andrés Soler, with extensive experience in winemaking. 

We will also taste premium Spanish food products (ham, cheese, olives, etc.) distributed in Singapore by the company MISSING SPAIN   who will present their products. 

The event will take place on Wednesday, March 30, from 7 pm to 9 pm, at the Tapas Club Orchard Central restaurant (181 Orchard Road, #02-13 Orchard Central). 

It is a free event for SpanishCham SG Members only. 

Rising Up in Spain, a program to help foreign startups to enter the Spanish market with the help of a local partner. Webinar on 3 March 2022.

From Invest in Spain (a publicly owned business-oriented entity of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism) they organize an annual program called Rising Up in Spain, to help foreign startups to enter the Spanish market with the help of a local partner. With the intention of publicizing this program, we have organized a webinar, together with IE, on March 3.

For more information and Registration for this webinar, please click here

Webinar: The role of Multilateral Developments Banks in the Economic Recovery. 14 December 2021 at 5pm SGT.

Webinar: The role of Multilateral Developments Banks in the Economic Recovery. 14 December 2021 at 5pm SGT.


This webinar will take place on 14 December 2021 at 5pm SGT and is organized by the Official Spanish Chambers of Commerce in Asia. We will have the distinguished presence as speaker of Mr. Alberto Cerdan, Alternate Executive Director, Asian Development Bank (ADB). 

The reaction of Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and what measures were put forward to support regional economies. The role that MDBs have played in facilitating trade flows and regional cooperation before and during the pandemic and what are they doing now to fight the protracted crisis. Looking ahead, what will be their main priorities in the coming years, what type of support will they provide as most economies transit towards middle income status, with very different needs and priorities. 

Webinar: Scaling your Brand for 2022: new challenges and communications trends to ramp up your business. 23rd November 2021 at 5pm SGT.

Scaling your Brand for 2022: new challenges and communications trends to ramp up your business. 

This webinar is organized by TINKLE INTERNATIONAL in collaboration with the Spanish-Singaporean Chamber of Commerce and the Spanish Association of Singapore (AES), and will take place on line on 23rd November 2021 at 5pm SGT. 

Communication is omnipresent in our lives: Patterns have changed for the past 2 years, and we have learned to communicate dodging face to face communications, but it is time to come out of the dark and ramp up our business through a smart, outstanding and agile communication strategy.

WEBINAR: Planning to set up business in Singapore? Or already set up and looking to grow your business? What you should think about… 11 November 2021. 5pm SGT

This webinar is organized by the Singaporean Law Firm HELMSMAN in collaboration with the Spanish-Singaporean Chamber of Commerce and will take place on line on 11th November 2021, at 5pm SGT. 

Setting up a business in Singapore does not have to be difficult, if you understand the factors you need to consider, the decisions you have to make, and how should you go about doing it.  One key aspect in all of this is your human capital – your employees who help you to carry out your vision and grow your business.

 In this Webinar, Helmsman will share with you the key points that you must keep in mind when deciding to set up a business in Singapore – in a practical and easy to understand way.   

 From the form and structure your business could take, to the legal obligations that will have to be undertaken because of how your business is structured, to how you go about hiring employees, or setting up your data protection policy, we will share our experience as to how we can help foreign businesses who want to enter into the Singapore market.

 As your business grows, it may acquire other businesses or it may enter into commercial ventures.  What about funding needs or if, unfortunately, it runs into insolvency related issues?  We will also share tips on how to navigate through these different stages in the life cycle of your business.

 This webinar will highlight the key points that businesses considering setting up a presence in Singapore should think about, and the issues that could come up as your business grows and develops thereafter.



Lynette Koh

Director, Helmsman LLC, Singapore

Lynette Koh’s expertise is in corporate banking and finance law. Lynette was legal counsel at two large international banks. Just before joining Helmsman, she was Head of Legal and Business Administration at Mizuho Bank, Ltd., in charge of corporate banking business in Singapore and the region. Lynette has deep expertise in the funding needs and structures across a wide spectrum of industries. She has worked on the full range of commodities and trade financing transactions with major trading houses across the world. Lynette is one of few Singapore lawyers who also has expertise in derivatives and structured products, including ISDA documentation. 

Besides her corporate inhouse experience, Lynette also spent a decade as a litigator specialising in banking and financing disputes, corporate insolvencies and debt restructuring at one of the largest law firms in Singapore. 

Lynette’s perspectives and experience as Head of Legal at an international bank and as a dispute lawyer make her a rare commodity amongst transactional corporate banking and finance lawyers.

Lynette was one of the two inaugural recipients of the Singapore Academy of Law Post-Qualification Overseas Attachment Award – set up to expose deserving lawyers to the best practices in litigation or arbitration. She spent time in London working alongside renowned Queen’s Counsels with established banking practices.   

In her free time, Lynette runs a free legal clinic at the Singapore Association for the Deaf.


Matthew Teo

Associate Director, Helmsman LLC, Singapore

Matthew Teo began his career in the largest legal practice in Singapore dedicated to banking and financing disputes, corporate insolvencies, business advisory, workouts and debt restructuring. He has advised and acted in practically all major shipping and oil-related restructurings and insolvencies in the past 10 years resulting from the downturn in the shipping and oil industry. 

Besides restructuring and insolvency, Matthew also specialises in shareholders’ disputes, directors’ duties and employment law – both contentious disputes, as well as advisory work on strategic and commercial issues. Matthew also routinely advises on security arrangements as well as insolvency risks on transactional matters.

Employment law is another area of Matthew’s specialisation. He often advises on restrictive covenants, contentious terminations of employment and non-contentious aspects such as drafting employment contracts and disciplinary policies.  Matthew acts regularly in employment disputes, and has been involved in high profile employment disputes in Singapore.

In 2017, the Supreme Court of Singapore appointed Matthew as amicus curiae under the prestigious Young Amicus Curiae Scheme. He assisted the Supreme Court as amicus curiae in a landmark decision on the registrability of contractual liens in charterparty contracts in the Diablo Fortune case. 

Matthew graduated summa cum laude amongst the pioneer batch of law students from the Singapore Management University, and was awarded a number of academic prizes during his time there. Unlike many lawyers, Matthew reads (and understands) financial statements as he also has a Bachelor of Business Management (Finance Major), from the Singapore Management University.

Matthew was cited in Legal 500 as a “highly rated lawyer“.