The Ultimate play-off? Sport vs. Covid-19

The sport market is facing times of change. The effects on the Covid-19 in sport properties have a direct impact not only on revenue but also in the way in which those are managed and structured.

We will start this session with the discussion of two approaches that guide the structure of sport franchises. Then, a framework that explains the professional sport ecosystem will be presented and discussed. The next element of analysis will be the importance of fan engagement which will be evaluated using the South Korean market as an example.

Finally, we will debate on the challenges that sport managers face in the near-future and how sport properties should prepare.

Event Details
Date: Wednesday, 18 November 2020
Place: Zoom Online Webinar
Time: 5:00PM (SGT)
Language: English
Registration Deadline: Wednesday, 18 November, 3:00PM

DIALOGUE – Present Outlook of the Cinema in Spain & Singapore

Linked to the Spanish Film Festival which is taking place in Singapore from 5th to 15th of November, we take advantage of the opportunity to dive into the present moment of both the Spanish and the Singaporean Film Industry.

The Spanish directors Mr Salvador Simó and Ms Belén Funes, whose films “Buñuel in the labyrinth of the Turtles” and “A thief´s daughter” are being screened at the Festival, will share their vision about the Film Industry in Spain and their expectations about the releasing of their films in Singapore. The Singaporean director Mr Jason Lai, whose feature film “Ms J contemplates her choice” stars famous local singer Kit Chan, will participate and share his experience and vision of the Industry in Singapore.

The Dialogue will be conducted by Kenneth Tan, Chairman of the Singapore Film Society, who has an extended knowledge and great experience on the Film Industry in Singapore.

At the end of the Dialogue, we will hold a final Q&A session open to the audience.

It will be held next Thursday 12th of November at 5pm (UTC+8) via ZOOM.

About the speakers

Salvador Simó is a film director and scriptwriter. He has worked in traditional animation for companies such as Disney. He has worked in films like Narnia, Prince Caspian, The Werewolf, Prince of Persia, and the James Bond movie Skyfall. In 2008 he directed a cg animation series in Indonesia, shooting over 500 minutes of film. He has been head of film sequences in the animation feature movie The Jungle Book, as well as in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell no Tales. He is the director of Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles which premiered at the Animation Film Festival of Los Angeles, where he was awarded the Jury Prize. Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles was also awarded in 2019 in the European Academy Film Awards for the Best European Animated Feature Film, and the Goya Awards for Best Animated Film. In 2019 Salvador was awarded with the Cartoon Tribute to the Best European Director on 2019.

Belén Funes studied Film direction at ESCAC in Barcelona following her desire to talk and explain things. After finishing her studies, she travelled to Cuba to continue studying a master degree in fiction writing. Her first job as a director was the short film “Sara a la fuga” which obtained a prize for best director and best short film. Her second short “La inútil” is nominated for best short film by the Premis Gaudi de la Academia del Cinema Catalá. The publication Variety classifies her as one of the most promising international film-makers. Her opera prima “La hija de un ladrón” ( “A thief’s daughter”) won the Silver Shell award for best actress at the Festival in San Sebastian, three Gaudí awards (best director, best non catalan speaking film and best script) and the Goya award for the best novel director. Belen´’s films have been screened in Festivals as Palm Springs, Cairo, London, Chicago, Habana and Shanghai.

Jason Lai is the Head of Content at Oak 3 Films, an established Singapore independent production house. At Oak 3, he spearheads the development of the company’s original film and TV concepts and overseas its program editorial. To date, his TV works have won 2 Mediacorp’s Star Awards and received 3 International Emmy Awards nominations. In 2009, he produced the feature film, Here, which premiered at Cannes International Film Festival. In 2014, he wrote and directed the feature film, Ms J Contemplates Her Choice, which premiered at Singapore International Film Festival and currently showing on Netflix. Some of his earlier notable short film works includes ‘3 Feet Apart’ (Best Animation Film, Bangkok International Film Festival 2004) & ‘The Trouble with Waiting’ (Best Film, Busan Asian Film Festival 2008). Jason’s other experiences in the media sector include adjunct lecturing at local media schools and judging at film & video competitions in Cambodia, Japan, Philippines and Singapore. From 2008 to 2010 Jason served as the President of AIPRO (Association of Independent Producers Singapore). His favourite pastimes are drinking coffee, flying kites and walking his dog.

MODERATOR – Kenneth Tan was elected as chairman of SFS in 1984, and has held the position ever since. His passion for not just movies but the entire ecosystem of Media was seeded in his teenage years, when he spent all his pocket money and spare time catching multiple screenings across islandwide theatres, hanging out with all levels of staff and immersing himself fully in the environment and ethos of Cinema.Today, forty years later, he looks back humbly, gratefully and gladly, on a career that has spanned senior management roles in Acorn, Mediacorp, Golden Village, and IMDA, plus public speaking opportunities in 14 countries on three continents.


How 2020 redefined the way we communicate

2020 changed so many things we couldn’t imagine, and Communication has also gone through some major adjustments. Through online communication tools, we have been able to stay in touch with our loved ones and keep working, but that’s not all, the way we entertain, get informed and engage with brands has also experienced major changes that are shaping the new way we interact in an (every day more) hyper-connected society. 
In this webinar, we will walk you through some of these major changes and how they affect us personally, and professionally when it comes to communicating your brand messages. It’s not what’s going to happen, it’s what’s happening right now.

Event Details
Date: Wednesday, 11 November 2020
Place: Zoom Online Webinar
Time: 5:00PM – 6:30PM (SINGAPORE TIME) 
Language: English
Registration Deadline: Wednesday, 11 November, 3:00PM

About the speakers

Félix Muñoz is a professional in Marketing and Communication, over 30 years leading this area in Coca-Cola, Telefónica (Movistar), and Cepsa, with a history plenty of successes in all of them and always working at the top of innovation, and creating new ways to work. He was President of the Spanish Association of Advertisers, where he created the Effectiveness Awards.
He was named Best Marketing Professional by the Spanish Association of Marketing and has achieved the most important awards in creativity, efficiency and innovation.


Alejandro Vázquez-Guillén has over 20 years of professional experience between Spain and Asia. He has hold top positions being the Director of companies such as Telefónica, Prisa, Facebook and Tuenti. In 2015 he became the CEO of Adglow Asia launching operations in The Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.



Álvaro Quesada is an experienced Digital Communications leader with 12 years of experience in content production, strategy, business management across 360 media – Radio, TV, magazines, live music, physical media, websites, forums and social networks. Based in Singapore for almost 7 years, he’s the Business and Marketing Director of Adglow Asia leading the expansion of the company in emerging markets.


How to build your personal brand to land the job you love?

How to build your personal brand to land the job you love?
Wednesday November 4th @12:30pm

Turn your job search around. Learn how to communicate your value. Build your personal brand to land a job you love. 

So, you’ve sent out hundreds of CVs and cover letters, optimized your LinkedIn profile endlessly, sashayed to countless networking events, spoken to recruiters and head-hunters, and weeks or months after, you’ve seen nothing but zero results. 

Join us and Sandra Quelle, Chief Happiness Officer and Career Coach of The Happy Mondays Co, to discover how you can break through the hard-to-crack job search wall and get your foot through the door. 

Get started on the right track to getting hired with advice on the following: 

  • Understand why the ‘usual’ CV doesn’t get interviews. 
  • Learn how to turn the job search around. 
  • Gain clarity on how to identify and communicate your unique selling points. 
  • Build a strong personal brand on LinkedIn that will attract recruiters and companies 
  • Draft a strong answer to the question “tell me about yourself” 

Expect to have a lively and interactive chat with the energetic Sandra Quelle, who’s made her personal mission to create Happy Mondays by empowering individuals with the skills and tools they need to take charge of their careers. 

We’re giving away 3 one-on-one sessions of 30min with Sandra! Be one of the lucky winners who will be picked at the end of the session.

Decoding Decision Making in a Fatigued World

We would like to invite you to our next webinar, co-organized with IE Business School:

Decoding Decision Making in a Fatigued World
Thursday October 29th @4pm


The world this year has seen severe exhaustion and burnout. Leaders have been bombarded with challenges never seen before. Citizens have had to adapt to changing lockdowns and health protocols. Families have altered their personal and social lifestyles drastically…

Making decisions in such a complex environment leads to decision fatigue.

In this masterclass, we will explore what decision fatigue is and its consequences. Professor Kriti Jain will lay out guidelines to help decode your decision-making patterns and discuss processes through which we can continue to make robust decisions.

Are you not a member yet? Find out more about the membership category and benefits by contacting us at
Event Details
Date: Thursday, 29 October 2020
Place: Zoom Online Webinar
Time: 4:00PM – 5:00PM (SINGAPORE TIME) 
Language: English
Registration Deadline: Thursday, 29 October, 3:00PM

About the speaker

Dr. Kriti Jain is a leading management expert with a unique inter-disciplinary background specializing in decision-making and risk management, especially in the strategic contexts of top leadership and public policy. Her research work has been published many journals including, Management Science, Harvard Business Review & Journal of Behavioural Decision Making. She is on the advisory board of several businesses, is a public speaker and regular media commentator. Before joining full-time academics, Kriti worked with McKinsey and Co. on risk management projects focusing on energy and materials sector for global clients based in Europe and Middle East

DIALOGUE – Liveable Cities. Barcelona and Singapore

Following the series of our Spain and Singapore Dialogues, organized by the Embassy of Spain and the Spanish-Singaporean Chamber of Commerce, in which we want to discuss issues of common interest for both countries, we would like to invite you to our new Dialogue, on Liveable cities:

Liveable cities. Barcelona and Singapore
28 October, 5pm (SG Time) / 10am (Spain Time)

In this webinar we will talk about two of the cities with the most intelligent development in the world: Barcelona and Singapore have been working for being not only smart cities but also liveable cities.

Casa Asia will moderate this interesting session, where the speakers will discuss about technological humanism, particularly regarding the need of digital inclusion and literacy in the cities evolution, the ethical regulation for applying artificial intelligence and being able to technologically grow with social interaction and integration or the citizens’ data protection.

The Dialogue will be conducted by Mr Javier Parrondo, General Manager at Casa Asia; and we will count with the participation of Ms Laia Bonet, Deputy Mayor at Barcelona City Council and Mr Michael Koh, Executive Fellow at the Centre for Liveable Cities in Singapore.

At the end of the Dialogue, we will hold a final Q&A session open to the audience.


It will be held on 28th of October at 5pm via ZOOM.


Blockchain technology is inevitable and we’ll tell you why

With the rapid development of cryptocurrency and its underlying blockchain technologies, major corporations, financial institutions and governments are deploying resources to explore the potential of this emerging technology. Blockchain opens a wide range for developing a better democratic and digital world.

In this virtual event we will discuss the fundamentals about distributed ledger technology, the use cases of cryptocurrencies and the adoption of blockchain across sectors, including the rise of stablecoins and asset tokenization.

About the speakers


Sonia Mayenco is the Regional Head of Compliance for a global cryptocurrency company in Southeast Asia. She has been actively involved in the crypto space for over six years, with exposure to both investing and trading. Her first initiative was as a founding member and acting in-house legal counsel for a start-up named ‘Cryptosigma’, a blockchain-based remittance company established in 2014 in Singapore. In 2015 the company joined the Singapore Startupbootcamp, one of the world’s biggest FinTech accelerators and was selected as one of the Top 3 blockchain start-ups, backed by the Singapore Government.

Sonia is also a Qualified Lawyer with over ten years’ professional experience, including the delivery of expert legal support and advice on compliance and regulatory matters, with a focus on banking, payments and crypto. Sonia was formerly an Associate Director at Deloitte Singapore and her most recent engagement at the firm involved establishing the crypto regulatory practice for the APAC region.

In her early career, Sonia practiced law for nearly 3 years in the Banking and Finance department of Ramon y Cajal Abogados, one of the leading law firms in Spain.

Yacine Terai is a technology entrepreneur veteran with 15+ years creating market access and business development for businesses. Driven by his passion for cutting edge technologies and pushing boundaries, he has specialised in everything from service, IOT to Blockchain technology solutions.

He is experienced in Web3.0 business modelling and alternative crowdfunding for innovative startups building decentralised solutions. Before creating his own Blockchain accelerator in Europe he joined Coinsilium Group, publicly listed ICAP ISDX pioneer Blockchain investment company.

In 2017, he founded Coinsilium Group investee StartupToken, a Blockchain consulting firm providing access to funding,business designing & marketing support. StartupToken has backed a dozen of Web 3.0 driven startups andco-led USD +$150M in funding, creating innovative solutions challenging the status quo.Advisor for a portfolio of startups and companies and board member of Blockchain for Humanity (B4H), aBlockchain for social impact focused Foundation. Aside from consultancy and advisory in Web 3.0transformation and adoption, he is also the creator of the Group INSEEC-U Paris Masters Degree inBlockchain Design for business and engineering students for Group INSEEC-U Paris in their.


Leading Across Distances and Cultures

7 October our Corporate member IE University organises in collaboration with the Spanish Chambers of Commerce network in Asia, an online seminar inviting Mark Fritz, a leadership speaker, mentor and professor:

Leading Across Distances and Cultures

The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the need for everyone to become more adaptable with the introduction of home working. It increases the need for all leaders to be more leader and less micromanager as it is difficult to be successful trying to micromanage at a distance and across cultures. It requires leaders to strengthen their core leadership skills and to become even more adaptable to keep engaged their remote team to deliver a high level of performance. It is not only about delivering, but enabling to team to change and continue to improve their ways of working together.

This session is focused on reinforcing those core leadership skills and highlight where adaptability is key to successfully lead anyone from anywhere.

Core leadership mindsets and habits covered are…

Mindsets and Habits:

– Think and Discuss in Outcomes (the Language of Achievement)

– Lead NIFO – Nose In, Fingers Out (Can’t Micromanage at a Distance)

– Ability to Be Consistently Different (Adapting to Others…Personality/Culture)

–Make Visible Progress and Achievement (for Pride / Positive Peer Pressure)

– My How is Who (Without a WHO, the Who is Always YOU)


– Understand the leadership mindsets/habits to successfully lead at a distance and across cultures.

– Define specific leadership habits enable your people to take more action on their own

– Understand the communications needed for everyone to feel more engaged as a team

– Learn the small habits that make a big difference to your people working remotely

About the speaker

Mark Fritz is a leadership specialist… has taught in MBA and executive education-courses in business schools throughout Europe, mentors executives from across the world, and runs leadership programs for executive teams and their leaders of the future.

With the international experience of leading enterprise change and virtual organisations, Mark shares the mindsets and habits that create the conditions for your people to deliver the results on their own.

Tackling the myths of global water crisis

A webinar jointly organised with the Swiss Chamber of Commerce, the French Chamber of Commerce & Belgium Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce:

Tackling the myths of global water crisis:

Roles of Business, Public and Society

Is water scarcity a fatality? Are Chennai, Sao Paulo, Cape Town going to face “Day Zero” in a near future? What about Zimbabwe, Myanmar, China and Singapore? 

Our panel of outstanding experts will discuss these burning questions and answer questions from the audience. 

The discussion will be moderated by Mr. Manfred Rist, SwissCham’s board advisor and the South East Asia correspondent of Neue Zürcher Zeitung, a Swiss newspaper. 

Supporting the Spanish Chamber, our ambassador, Mr Santiago Miralles, will also give some opening words.

About the speakers

Dr. Cecilia TORTAJADA, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Water Management, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.

Dr. Cecilia Tortajada is Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Water Policy, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore. The main focus of her work at present is on the future of the world´s water, especially in terms of water, food, energy and environmental securities through coordinated policies.

She has been an advisor to major international institutions like FAO, UNDP, JICA, ADB, OECD and IDRC, and has worked in countries in Africa, Asia, North and South America and Europe on water and environment-related policies. She is a member of the OECD Initiative in Water Governance.

Mr. Tony Ong, Chief Executive Officer, South East Asia, Veolia Water Technologies.

Tony Ong is the CEO for South East Asia region at Veolia Water Technologies.

Educated in business management, Tony possesses more than 25 years of experience in the water and wastewater, mining and chemical industries. He has held many leading roles in sales and marketing where he was responsible for developing business strategies and execution of business lines and structures in Asia for Veolia Water Technologies.

Joining Veolia since 2005, Tony has held positions as Sales Director, Business Development Director, Managing Director and currently helm the CEO role for South East Asia region. Aside being best at driving business growth and building effective teams, Tony enjoys hiking and traveling.

Based in Singapore, Tony’s motto is “Love your job so it does not become work!” and that’s what he practices daily.

Dr. Evelyne FIECHTER-WIDEMANN, President, Workshop for Water Ethics (W4W).

Dr. Evelyne Fiechter-Widemann, formerly barrister at the Geneva Court (Switzerland), lives presently in Singapore where she is researching on water ethics. Her interdisciplinary thesis “Human Right to Water: Justice or…Sham?” was presented at the University of Geneva in 2015. She is president of the Workshop for Water Ethics (W4W).

Dr. Asit K. BISWAS, Distinguished Visiting Professor at Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore.

Asit K Biswas is one of the world’s leading authorities on water and environmental management. He is co-founder of the Third World Centre for Water Management in Mexico and currently the Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School for Public Policy in Singapore.

Formerly a Professor in UK, Canada and Sweden, he was a member of the World Commission on Water. He has been a senior advisor to 19 governments, six Heads of the United Agencies, Secretary General of OECD and also to many other major international and national organisations. He is a Past President of the International Water Resources Association, and has held important positions in several major international water and environment‐related professional associations.

Prof. Biswas received the Stockholm Water Prize in 2006 for “his outstanding and multi‐faceted contributions to global water resource issues”, as well as the Man of the Year Award from Prime Minister Harper of Canada, and the Aragon Environment Prize of Spain. In 2012, he was named a “Water Hero of the World” by the Impeller Magazine, and also as one of the 10 thought‐leaders of the world in water by Reuters. He is a member of the Global Agenda Council on Water Security of the World Economic Forum.


DIALOGUE – FinTech landscape and challenges

Following the series of our Spain and Singapore Dialogues, organised by the Embassy of Spain and the Spanish-Singaporean Chamber of Commerce, in which we want to discuss issues of common interest for both countries, we would like to invite you to our new Dialogue, on FinTech.

In this Dialogue, the speakers will talk about the relevance of the FinTech industry in Spain and Singapore (both countries with a powerful financial activity and a strong FinTech sector where they keep investing, despite the Covid-19).

They will interchange opinions on the present situation and will share their views on possible future collaborations, as Singapore is the FinTech hub in South East Asia and one of the most sophisticated in the world, and Spain is in a process of radical digital transformation of the financial sector and it’s the gateway to FinTech in Latin America.

A key fact to enhance the importance of this industry is that the Singapore FinTech Festival 2020 will still be celebrated, although under some restrictions due to the pandemia.

Furthermore, Singapore is a worldwide reference because of the FinTech Regulatory Sandbox, something very relevant also for the international expansion plans in Spain, where people have been able to adapt their businesses very fast in a FinTech frame.

The Dialogue will be conducted by Mr Ignacio Villoch, Open Innovation Senior Ecosystem Builder at BBVA. And we will count with the participation of Mr Chia Hock Lia President of the Singaporean Association for FinTech and Mr Rodrigo García de la Cruz, President of the Spanish Association for FinTech and Insurtech.

At the end of the Dialogue, we will hold a final Q&A session open to the audience.

IMPORTANT: We would like to share the contacts of those who register for this event.If you are interested in joining us, but don’t want to share your details, that is fine too, you are also welcome! Just let us know by dropping us an email to and/or to

About the speakers

Mr Chia Hock Lia is the CEO of Switchnovate, a FinTech consultancy firm that provides financial blockchain solutions, and has close to 2 decades of experience in the financial and 

technology industry. He has previously worked in organisations like the Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech) and NTUC Income. He is also an alumnus of the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Besides being the founding president of the Singapore FinTech Association and co-chairman of the Blockchain Association Singapore, he is also a Strategic Advisory Council member of the ASEAN Financial Innovation Network (AFIN), Advisory Board member of the IEEE Computer Society Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Standards Committee (IEEE C/BDL), Council Member of Singapore Sichuan Trade & Investment Committee, Fellow of the Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS), member of the Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF) – Technology & Operations Industry Workgroup, member of the Banking & Finance and Fund Industry panel of Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) and advisor to start-ups. He also teaches and speaks frequently on topics related to FinTech and Blockchain at international events and universities.

Mr Rodrigo García de la Cruz is founder and CEO of Finnovating, FinTech Open Innovation Platform that helps scale innovation, collaboration and innovation through a global digital ecosystem of more than 15,000 FinTechs.

At the institutional level, he is: Co-founder and President of the Spanish FinTech and InsurTech Association; Co-founder and Vice-President of the FinTech Ibero-America Alliance and Co-founder of the European Digital Finance Association

He is also founder and advisor to Accurate Quant Securities Agency, a Quant advisor based on artificial intelligence.

In the academic context, in 2013 he launched FinTech’s first global management program at IEB. Today he is the Executive Director Digital Programs at Afi School of Finance.

Professional experience:

– Various management positions at Citibank, Barclays and Grupo Santander

– Robot and automaton programmer at Renault and Sonae Group

About the moderator

Mr Ignacio Villoch is a recognised generator of contents on Innovation and Digital Transformation to which he has been working professionally for more than a decade. 

In his 30 years of professional experience he has lived and worked in 4 continents from Singapore to Paraguay, through Miami, New York and Portugal in management positions of business development in the financial industry.

He “cut his teeth” – professionally speaking- in Singapore in 1991 He wrote the first guide in Spanish on “How to make business in Singapore”

Guest lecturer and professor in programs of innovation, creativity and digital transformation of the main business schools and inspirational speaker and facilitator in institutional and corporate events, actively participates as a mentor, inspirer, advisor or promoter in diverse communities and entrepreneurship sustainability projects

Currently Villoch manages the creation of BBVA’s Fintech ecosystems, from where he promotes the digital transformation of the financial industry through Open Innovation dynamics.