Our interview in July is with Gonzalo Landín, Executive Chef of the Spanish restaurant ¨Binomio¨.

  • Hola Gonzalo, could you please introduce yourself?

Hola, I´m Gonzalo Landin, I’m 38 years old I came from an Andalusian town called Almeria by the Mediterranean Sea.

After graduating in Le cordon Bleu of London I spent a good 6 years there and another 1 in New York before coming to Singapore which has been my home for the last 6 years

  • As Chef of the Spanish restaurant BINOMIO (20 Craig Rd, Singapore), how do you describe your overall cooking philosophy and the style of food we can find at Binomio?

Food for everyone basically, I wanted to keep it real and as close as possible to what you can find in the streets of Spain but with some modern elements too. My background in restaurants, I worked before in restaurants such as El Celler de Can Roca or Dinner by Heston Blumenthal allowed me to fusion traditional and some twists in many dishes that add on into the experience. But I never forget the roots that make Spanish food so special.

  • Can you explain the meaning of “Binomio” and why do you call your restaurant like that?

Binomial … basically we have two menus and two concepts in the restaurant.

One dining room where tapas are more elaborated is perfect for special occasions business meetings or just a casual experience with friends

A bar with open big windows here you can just have more traditional and simple classic tapas and more affordable prices.

To add on we believe the key to success is also a good binomial between service and back of the house ( kitchen ).

  • Spain is a country of great chefs. What chefs do you follow on social media or admire their work and career in general?

The Roca brothers who put in the map a small town like Girona as Ferran Adria did too.

 Jose Andres who brought Spain into Washington and expanded so fast around the world nowadays and at the same time making a better world with his humanity aids in many places in need as he is recently doing in Ukraine going himself to feed these people.

  • In your restaurant you have not only foreign customers, but many Singaporean customers. What is the image that Singaporeans have of Spanish gastronomy?

Basically tapas. They hear Spanish and have to come with tapas. For me coming from southern Spain and seeing how the tapas concept that has origin in Granada and Almeria has such a big repercussion is something to be proud of even though the concept has nothing to do abroad as it is. Tapas in southern Spain is a small side dish you have after ordering your beer or wine at no cost and anywhere else it’s just a small dish to share.

  • Spain is recognized worldwide for the quality of its food products, such as olive oil, wine, cheese, Iberian ham, etc. What advice would you give to Spanish producers of these products to export them to Asia?

I think we have very good products and lots of potentials but at the same time, I think we haven’t been as good at making them popular worldwide.

We are well known nowadays but also let’s not forget that our neighbors like France or Italy have decades of advantage in marketing and promoting themselves.

Maybe due to the historical situation since Spain remained a bit more isolated after World War II since it was the only western European power under a dictatorial regime  so it’s up to the current and new generations to keep doing a good job to make us even more worldwide recognized.

  • What trends are you noticing regarding wine and food pairings?

Finally, people is starting to forget about the old cliches of red wine for meat and white wine for seafood … it’s not always the case.

It’s also nice to see how people from here start to understand that red wine is not that good paring for Spanish ham but a good sherry instead.

  • What role do you think Spanish restaurants abroad can play to promote the image and brand of Spain as global ambassadors of Spanish cuisine?

My modest opinion, we need to break with the Spanish idea of just flamenco, bullfighting and paella. We have much more to offer and it’s up to us to show what we are. At the end of the day, we are the Ambassadors of our homeland.

  • For those readers who haven’t been so far to your restaurant, what dish recommendations would you give them for their first visit?

Come hungry enough. We have a huge menu and so many things to try.

  • And when you are not in your restaurant, what other activities do you like to do in your free time in Singapore?

I love to read about history or astronomy mainly so my favorite spot in Singapore is a Kinokuniya.

I enjoy the local food too so always happy to dine in any food court in Singapore. I also run next door to Binomio a lounge bar and I DJ there at night from time to time.

Gracias Gonzalo !


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Assembly in Madrid of the 44 Official Spanish Chambers of Commerce abroad

On 5-6 July 2022, the Assembly of the Official Spanish Chambers of Commerce abroad took place at the Ministry of Industry in Madrid. The meeting was attended by 44 Spanish Chambers of Commerce from all over the world. The meeting analyzed the role that the Spanish Chambers of Commerce abroad should play to help our companies in their internationalization processes. It also analyzed the close relationship that the Chambers of Commerce must maintain with the Spanish Ministry of Industry, and with the respective Embassies and Commercial Offices of Spain in each country, in order to provide the best services to our companies. The meetings were chaired by the Secretary of State for Trade, Ms. Xiana Méndez, by the President of The Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Mr. José Luis Bonet, and we had the honor of being received in Royal Audience by His Majesty King of Spain Felipe VI.

The ¨Spanish-Singaporean Chamber of Commerce¨ (SpanishCham SG) is hiring a new GENERAL MANAGER.

The ¨Spanish-Singaporean Chamber of Commerce¨ (SpanishCham SG) is hiring a new GENERAL MANAGER.

Position: General Manager of the ¨Spanish-Singaporean Chamber of Commerce¨


The purpose of the SpanishCham SG is to promote business relationships between Spain and Singapore and to help and facilitate the interests of its Members, to which end, the SpanishCham SG shall:

  1. Collaborate with the Spanish Economic and Commercial Office in Singapore to promote Spanish products and services
  2. Promote and facilitate the creation of business relationships among Members of the SpanishCham SG
  3. Facilitate the collaboration between Spanish and Singaporean companies
  4. Promote and strengthen the image of Spain
  5. Perform any functions entrusted to the SpanishCham SG to achieve its aims, in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and the Spanish Economic and Commercial Office in Singapore
  6. Carry out  any other  activities approved  by  the SpanishCham SG to  achieve the  mentioned objectives.


  1. To organize events for Members to establish trade relations, find business opportunities and share their experiences;
  2. To publish a Newsletter and any other publications deemed useful for the Members of the SpanishCham SG;
  3. To give publicity to Spanish products in general, in collaboration with the Spanish Economic and Commercial Office in Singapore;
  4. To assist any companies that wish to be established in Singapore, putting them in contact with experts in any matters as may be required (legal, tax, accounting, marketing, etc.);
  5. To provide the necessary economic, commercial or statistical information to assist Members in establishing or improving their trade relations in Singapore;
  6. To provide commercial information in relation to general or specific Spanish trade interests;
  7. To conduct on-­‐demand market-­‐product research with the object of promoting Spanish exports or investments;
  8. To support Spanish exporters, whether operating from Spain or through commercial agents or representatives;
  9. To inform Spanish exporters of possible importers, distributors or representatives for their products in Singapore;
  10. To inform Spanish and Singaporean investors on foreign investment legislation  in  the respective countries;
  11. To collaborate with trade missions organised by other Chambers of Commerce or by Spanish trading organisations;
  12. To manage all the operations at the Chamber: searching for new Members; budgeting, incomes and expenses, accounting, taxes, etc…
  13. Any other service that allows the SpanishCham SG to achieve its objectives mentioned in the preceding article, and that may be on demand;



  • University Degree. Postgraduate studies in Business will be valued
  • Minimum 5 years experience in foreign trade and international business
  • Experience working with government agencies
  • Deep knowledge of the economic and trade situation in Spain and Singapore
  • English speaker and will be highly valued to speak also Spanish

Those interested in this position please send before 26th July 2022 your CV along with an introduction letter to: [email protected] 


Our interview in June is with José Alonso, Chef and Owner of the Spanish restaurant ¨Kulto¨.

• Hola José, could you please introduce yourself?

I was born in La Rioja, a winery region famous for its wines. My family was dedicated to the wine business; however, no one was dedicated to F&B, although good food was always essential. We liked to cook at home when there were celebrations, always buying high-quality products.

At the age of 12, I had a clear mindset that I wanted to become a cook a great Chef, but my parents were a bit hesitant and preferred me to finish high school first. Once I finished it, I was able to fulfil my dream and start culinary school.

When I was only 18, I started working in my first restaurant with 1 Michelin star.
Since then, I have never stopped working on different projects until I reached Kulto and Kocido. During this time, I have continued to grow other dreams and projects, that’s why in 2005, together with other friends, we set up EXOPTO* winery that today has good recognition and we export to many countries. These wines can be consumed in Kulto and Kocido.


As Chef of the Spanish restaurant KULTO (87 Amoy Street, Singapore) can you explain to us what kind of cuisine and what gastronomic experiences can we find in your restaurant?

Kulto: After more than 20 years of working and creating different concepts in Singapore. I wanted the freedom to create my own space where people could enjoy all my knowledge acquired over these years.
These are the things that are going to happen in the restaurant

  • A table in front of the kitchen.
  • A show cooking area where customers can see how the paella is made, they can see first-hand what we cook.
  • We have a charcoal oven where we can prepare many dishes, giving a unique aroma and taste.
  • The service or the customer will finish the plates/dishes on the table, creating an interactive experience.

Wine: The wine list will be mainly Spanish, in which we will import unique things that can only be consumed in our restaurant, helping our clients to discover Spain through wine.

With all this effort and passion, we develop an informal ambience where people come to relax and have a good time.

• In addition to your Kulto restaurant, what other gastronomic projects do you have in Singapore?

We also work as an F&B consultancy, and we help other groups to create and rebrand concepts, personnel management and day-to-day operations control.
Right now, we are also partners in two other projects: Kilo and Lumbre.

• Your restaurant Kulto has received the ¨Restaurants from Spain Certification Award¨, from the Spanish Government Agency that promotes Spanish firms internationally (ICEX), as a recognition of the quality of your restaurant. What does this Award mean for your restaurant?

For us, it is the recognition of our Spanish restaurant Kulto by our government, representing a great seal of quality for our consumers.

• In your restaurant you have not only foreign customers, but many Singaporean customers. What is the image that Singaporeans have of Spanish gastronomy?

Singapore is a unique place in the world since the diversity of food is incredible. You can try any type of food, and the quality is very high.

There is also a street food culture that I love, with which it is the perfect place to test new concepts because people demand them, and I think Spanish cousin is one of them.
They love the tapa concept, and because it is very close to their way of eating food in Asia, more specifically in Singapore, as they can try a wide variety of products, we also use a lot of pork, one of their favourite dishes.

• Spain is recognized worldwide for the quality of its food products, such as olive oil, wine, cheese, Iberian ham, etc. What advice would you give to Spanish producers of these products to export them to Asia?

The truth is that at the moment, the positioning of the Spanish product is getting better and better, and the consumer understands it as a quality product.

Because of that, I believe it is a matter of time before the Spanish product has more demand from the consumers in Asia, specifically in Singapore.

We should continue promoting the Spanish brand and holding fairs and convincing importers to try our products, as once they tried the can see the quality.

• What role do you think Spanish restaurants abroad can play to promote the image and brand of Spain as global ambassadors of Spanish cuisine?

We are the spearhead of the Spanish products as in the end, we get customers to discover our gastronomy with all that it entails. As they can try all the products, especially the way of cooking them.

They often know the products but do not know how they are used or can be used.

• For those readers who haven’t been so far to your restaurant, what dish recommendations would you give them for their first visit?

The paellas are an iconic product in the restaurant, but our tapas are fun and always of high quality. So, I would recommend that my team guide them and enjoy the experience.

• And when you are not in your restaurants, what other activities do you like to do in your free time in Singapore?

I also love sports and drinking good wine with good friends.

I don’t think it’s anything special, but when you work so hard and always face the public, you’re looking for moments of tranquillity.

Gracias José!

For more information:

Our corporate Member ¨Alfa International Pte. Ltd.¨ is holding its annual Wine Discovery Weekend this year in July 2022, its 7th edition!

Our corporate Member ¨Alfa International Pte. Ltd , importer, exporter and wholesale distributor of premium wines and spirits from various countries, including Spanish wine, is holding its annual Wine Discovery Weekend this year in July 2022, its 7th edition!

It’s a few days of wine appreciation event, including wine dinners, wine hall tasting and thematic wine masterclasses.

They are honoured to have their winemakers, wine experts and master of wine present (in-person) to share their stories and philosophy of wines and even guide the audiences in the tasting.
You can read more information on the Event Webiste:

Our Corporate Member Amadeus has been equipping corporations with Cytric Travel & Expense, an online platform to manage business travel and expenses claims reimbursement.

Our Corporate Member Amadeus, the leading technology provider for the travel industry, has been equipping corporations with Cytric Travel & Expense, an online platform to manage business travel and expenses claims reimbursement.

Dear Members of the Spanish-Singaporean Chamber of Commerce,

It is obvious that in recent years online collaboration and hybrid work environments have been critical to the continued success of businesses.

As business travel resumes, this new work context is transforming the why, where and how we travel for business.

How can you simplify your employees’ experience so that no matter where they are: working from home, in the office or on a business trip, they can plan and book their travel and claim their company expenses in just one platform?

Our Corporate Member Amadeus, the leading technology provider for the travel industry with global footprint and presence in more than 130 countries, headquartered in Spain, has been equipping corporations with Cytric Travel & Expense, an online platform to manage business travel and expenses claims reimbursement. Today, they are sharing with us how they are going a step further and changing, in partnership with Microsoft, the way employees meet, collaborate, travel and claim expenses.

Under the name of “Cytric Easy”, they are reimagining the employee experience, empowering travelers to plan their business trips online and share them with their colleagues without leaving Microsoft Teams or Outlook.

If you want to know more about how they are transforming the travel and expense experience for employees across the world with this new solution, while helping corporations keep control over their travel spend make sure to contact them here:


Contact Cytric by Amadeus Team: [email protected]


Read more about Cytric by Amadeus

Eurofragance obtiene el premio a la mejor materia prima de los VPC Green Beauty Awards

Senior R&D Scientist Felipe San Juan y Global Technical Compliance Manager y líder del equipo de sostenibilidad, Diana March. Fotografía cortesía de la Revista de Ventas de Perfumería y Cosmética. 

Eurofragance obtiene el premio a la mejor materia prima de los VPC Green Beauty Awards

• La casa de fragancias gana el oro por el cautivo L’Âme du Bois™, un ingrediente de origen natural y procedente de madera reciclada
• La multinacional queda también finalista entre las tres empresas más comprometidas con la sostenibilidad por sus esfuerzos e iniciativas sostenibles
• Estos premios reconocen las mejores empresas, marcas, productos e iniciativas verdes del sector de la belleza en España

Barcelona, 9 de junio de 2022. – La casa de fragancias Eurofragance ha sido galardonada con el oro en la categoría de mejor materia prima por su ingrediente L’Âme du Bois™ en el marco de la segunda edición de los VPC Green Beauty Awards. También ha conseguido el bronce en la categoría de la empresa más comprometida con la sostenibilidad. Organizados por la revista Ventas de Perfumería y Cosmética, estos premios tienen como objetivo realzar las iniciativas y reconocer los esfuerzos del sector “beauty” en España.
El jurado, formado por representantes de distintos ámbitos e instituciones del sector, ha valorado además de aspectos relacionados con la ecología y la RSC, las mejores iniciativas sostenibles.
El galardón a la mejor materia prima lo ha recogido Felipe San Juan, Senior R&D Scientist de Eurofragance, en un acto de entrega presencial celebrado en el hotel H10 Metropolitan de Barcelona. “Estamos muy agradecidos por este reconocimiento a la creación de L’Âme du Bois™, nuestro reciente cautivo fruto del intenso trabajo de tres años”, señaló el científico sénior de I+D. La encargada de recoger el reconocimiento a una de las empresas más comprometidas con la sostenibilidad ha sido Diana March, Global Technical Compliance Manager de Eurofragance, que lidera el comité de sostenibilidad de la compañía. March resalta: “Quiero agradecer a todas las personas que han hecho este reconocimiento posible y, en especial, al equipo de sostenibilidad por sus esfuerzos y contribuciones a nuestra empresa”.
Eurofragance apuesta por la sostenibilidad de forma transversal. Impulsa iniciativas estratégicas en cuatro ejes principales: seguridad, biodiversidad, comunidad y recursos. Sus equipos de innovación trabajan a diario en busca de soluciones que combinen sostenibilidad y eficacia con el fin de producir fragancias de forma respetuosa y segura, como es el caso de la creación de L’Âme du Bois™.


L’Âme du Bois™, mejor materia prima sostenible
Durante el pasado año, Eurofragance lanzó su primer cautivo L’Âme du Bois™, un ingrediente exclusivo, sostenible e innovador elaborado a partir de restos de madera reciclada de forma natural, que llena un hueco en la familia olfativa de las notas amaderadas y presume de un perfil olfativo sin género, en línea con la tendencia genderless.

El proceso de elaboración de L’Âme du Bois™ partió con el objetivo de eliminar, a través de métodos de purificación naturales, las moléculas superfluas y parasitarias del compuesto de la madera, aunque manteniendo los de interés perfumístico. Este paso de purificación, repetido durante varios meses, permitió descubrir un ingrediente con un perfil olfativo único que retenía a la vez el alma del bosque, L’Âme du Bois™.
L’Âme du Bois™ se utiliza para el diseño de fragancias selectivas tanto en perfumería fina, cuidado del hogar o personal. En términos perfumísticos, llena un hueco hasta ahora vacío en la familia olfativa de las notas amaderadas, ya que produce una composición de alto impacto que armoniza con otros ingredientes en la fórmula de la fragancia y que enfatiza sus características individuales. Además, su perfil olfativo sin género hace que sea de particular interés para los entendidos en fragancias de gama alta.
Esta creación supone un nuevo hito en la historia de Eurofragance, empresa mediana consolidada que compite con los mayores productores de fragancias. También supone dar un paso adelante en la apuesta por la innovación y la sostenibilidad de la empresa, ya que el ingrediente se elaboró reutilizando restos de serrín.


Ambos premios, otorgados en la Gala Verde de la Belleza, reconocen la labor de Eurofragance por la sostenibilidad y sus acciones medioambientales. La joven multinacional está comprometida a abordar los nuevos retos de la industria y a seguir con la integración de la sostenibilidad en la toma de decisiones y filosofía de la empresa, que trabaja para hacer honor a su lema: “Creamos fragancias, y cuidamos de las personas y el planeta”.


Sobre Eurofragance
Eurofragance produce y comercializa fragancias de máxima calidad para marcas internacionales de perfumería fina, cuidado personal, del hogar y ambiental. Es una empresa privada del sector B2B con valores familiares fundada en Barcelona en 1990 y, en la actualidad, cuenta con cerca de 400 empleados.
Impulsada por la pasión por el perfume y el espíritu emprendedor de sus fundadores, Eurofragance empezó en Europa y Oriente Medio, antes de introducirse en el Extremo Oriente y en América. En la actualidad, la empresa mediana está presente en cinco continentes. Gestiona sus propias fábricas en España, Singapur y México y cuenta con socios de producción en Estados Unidos, China e India.
La red internacional de Centros Creativos de Eurofragance y su extraordinaria capacidad de producción le permiten crear y distribuir fragancias por todo el mundo. Con los años, Eurofragance ha forjado relaciones duraderas con sus socios y ha crecido con ellos.
Para Eurofragance la sostenibilidad es una prioridad y su proceso de toma de decisiones se construye a partir de iniciativas estratégicas que apoyan esta causa. La compañía impulsa actividades en cuatro ejes principales: seguridad, biodiversidad, comunidad y recursos.


Contacto de prensa: Bemypartner
Ester García / [email protected] / + 34 722 31 70 31
Natalia Virgili / [email protected] / +34 93 631 84 50




Grespania has been given the highest accolade in the Company of the Year awards, at the event celebrating the local economy organized by the newspaper Mediterráneo and sponsored by Telefónica and Huhtamaki.


The ceremony at which Grespania was awarded Company of the Year 2021 was held at the Auditorium and Conference Centre of Castellón, and brought together senior members of the Valencian Community’s political and business spheres. There to receive the award from the president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, was Grespania’s CEO, Luis Hernández.

With its lengthy experience in the manufacture and sale of ceramic products over the last 47 years, Grespania has secured its successful business track record thanks to constant investment, the continuous incorporation of the latest advances in production and design, and strategies aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of its production processes.

Grespania has led the way in the development of environmental conservation policies through the installation of a water purification system, the cogeneration project and the Zero Discharge concept applied in its wall tile factory. This line of action has enabled the company to secure the Integrated Environmental Authorization, which certifies that Grespania factories employ the best environmental techniques available in terms of pollution prevention as well as transparency of information on pollution control.

It currently has three state-of-the-art factories for the production of porcelain tiles, white-body wall tiles, large-format ultra-thin panels of up to 120×360 cm, and highly-resistant slabs for kitchen countertops, bathrooms and furniture. In addition, it has four logistics centres in Spain and subsidiaries in France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and the United Kingdom.

The Group is currently working on the expansion of its ceramic slab manufacturing facilities and the production of spray-dried powder for technical and large-format products.


Our interview in May is with the Spanish Lawyer in Singapore,  José Alberto Pascual.


  • Hola José Alberto, could you please introduce yourself?

Hello everyone, first let me take this opportunity, as a Board member, to  thank all of the current members of the Chamber for their membership support and encourage others who are not yet so to take a step forward and involve yourselves in this exciting and interesting project.

I am a 61 years old Spanish citizen, lawyer by profession and the son of a Spanish diplomat who actually had responsibility for Singapore back in the early 80´s, so this is the second time I have been in this country as I came over briefly with my parents when as a teenager.

  • Can you tell us something about your professional activity in Singapore?

I am the Regional Counsel for the Consumer Business of an American bank, for which I have worked during the past 34 years, and I have responsibility over consumer legal matters in a region that includes 17 markets.

  • How did you become involved with the Chamber?

I am one of the very few surviving members (as a Chamber member) of the original project to create an official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, which dates back to 2018 if my very bad memory serves me right.

It all started for me at an event, held in the premises of Amadeus in which the founder members of the embryonic project, supported and encouraged by our Embassy, presented the idea and asked for volunteers to become members of the initial Board of the provisional entity. I was not chosen initially as the Secretary of the Board but eventually became so when the chosen person was not deemed suitable due to having a foreign residence. Once I was confirmed as Secretary and given my legal training background I actively participated in the official incorporation of the Chamber both with the Singapore Registry of Societies, as well as with the Spanish Ministry. I am now in my second term in the Board of the official Chamber.

  • As a lawyer, could you explain to us the main differences between the legal system in Spain and in Singapore?

The simple and most important difference is that Spain works on the basis of Civil Law, which means all legislation is based on codes and laws whereas Singapore follows Common law, as a legacy of its British past, which implies that legislation is based both on Laws as well as legal precedents (sentences issued by courts).

  • What legal advice would you give to Spanish companies that are thinking of settling in Singapore?

My advice would be to come to Singapore with the firm commitment to comply with local laws. Although Singapore is a rather business friendly place to do business from a legal point of view with a general lack of red tape if compared to other countries, some of the local legal provisions differ from what we have in Spain and it is important to know and comply with them.

  • For some years you have been the Secretary of the Board of Directors of the SpanishCham SG. How do you think Chambers of Commerce abroad can help companies in their internationalization processes?

I think there are two critical factors that come into play in ensuring that Chambers can be an important support for companies wishing to expand into Singapore or any other country: First, ensuring that the Chamber can come as close as possible to being not only the first point of contact in the country but also to the extent possible the main point of entry in terms of providing advice of all kinds as needed by companies, and, secondly, ensuring that the Chamber is aligned and very well coordinated with the Spanish Embassy´s Commercial section.

  • As for the time you spend in Singapore, can you tell us your favorite places to spend your free time or a special restaurant that you would recommend to us?

I am an avid jogger despite the heat and humidity we have in Singapore. This has allowed me to visit (jogging) numerous parks in Singapore which I totally recommend. Nature in Singapore, both flora and fauna are completely different from what you will find, when also jogging, in Spain. As regards a restaurant suggestion and notwithstanding the two great Spanish ones we have as current members of the Chamber, I would recommend “Fire” and Argentinian restaurant located at the top of the Ion building on Orchard road. The food is very good and the views literally take your breath away.


Gracias José Alberto!

Annual General Assembly of the Spanish-Singaporean Chamber of Commerce, 23 May 2022

Yesterday, 23 May 2022, the Annual General Assembly of the Spanish-Singaporean Chamber of Commerce took place in the ¨Cosentino Showroom¨. The Assembly had a high attendance of its Members and the presence of the Economic and Commercial Counselor for the Embassy of Spain.

The Assembly began with the welcoming words from the President, Alvaro Gonzalez, who highlighted the objectives and activities of the SpanishCham for this current year.

A Tribute act was held to the former President, Sinuhé Arroyo, thanking him for all the services he has rendered to the SpanishCham during the time he has served as President.

During the Assembly, the Members approved the accounting closing for the year 2021 and the Economic Budget for the year 2022, as well as the report of activities carried out in the year 2021 and those planned for the year 2022.

The modification of the SpanishCham By-Laws was also approved to adapt them to the Royal Decree 1179/2020 of the Spanish Ministry of Industry.

The event ended with the closing remarks by the Economic and Commercial Counselor for the Embassy of Spain.

At the end of the Assembly, a Spanish wine and tapas were served, which allowed all the Members to interact and exchange opinions about their businesses.