Codorniu Raventós

3 Temasek Avenue, 18th Floor

(The Great Room #27) Singapore 039190

Raventós Codorniu is the oldest wine growing business in Spain with more than 460 years of history dedicated to creating wines and canvas of great value.

We have 14 wineries in some of the world’s most renowned wine regions. Our wines capture the rich essence of winemaking tradition and have an innovative spirit, making us a respected world leader in winegrowing and winemaking knowledge. Today, Raventós Codorníu has more than 3,000 hectares of vineyards that are owned by the company or under its direct supervision. This makes us one of the largest vineyard owners in Europe.

We have a sales presence in more than 50 countries and our portfolio of brands include: Viña Pomal, La Vicalanda, Ederra, Raimat, Mont-Ferrant, Parxet, Legaris, Bach, Portal de Montsant, Abadía de Poblet, Nuviana, Raventós d’Alella, Titiana, Scala Dei, Tionio, Basagoiti, Rondel, Artesa (California), Séptima (Argentina), and – of course – Codorníu. These are brands of renowned prestige that have received praise and awards from all over the world because they bring out the best of their origins. This commitment to quality has been the key to Raventós Codorníu’s masterful development spanning the last 18 generations.