How to build your personal brand to land the job you love?

How to build your personal brand to land the job you love?
Wednesday November 4th @12:30pm

Turn your job search around. Learn how to communicate your value. Build your personal brand to land a job you love. 

So, you’ve sent out hundreds of CVs and cover letters, optimized your LinkedIn profile endlessly, sashayed to countless networking events, spoken to recruiters and head-hunters, and weeks or months after, you’ve seen nothing but zero results. 

Join us and Sandra Quelle, Chief Happiness Officer and Career Coach of The Happy Mondays Co, to discover how you can break through the hard-to-crack job search wall and get your foot through the door. 

Get started on the right track to getting hired with advice on the following: 

  • Understand why the ‘usual’ CV doesn’t get interviews. 
  • Learn how to turn the job search around. 
  • Gain clarity on how to identify and communicate your unique selling points. 
  • Build a strong personal brand on LinkedIn that will attract recruiters and companies 
  • Draft a strong answer to the question “tell me about yourself” 

Expect to have a lively and interactive chat with the energetic Sandra Quelle, who’s made her personal mission to create Happy Mondays by empowering individuals with the skills and tools they need to take charge of their careers. 

We’re giving away 3 one-on-one sessions of 30min with Sandra! Be one of the lucky winners who will be picked at the end of the session.