Knowing our members… ALEJANDRO MARTÍNEZ

Alejandro Martínez and Grespania


Alejandro Martínez is the Singapore R.O. Director at Grespania Cerámica, an international ceramic manufacturing company, global market leader for the past 40 years. They produce collections which boast both innovative technical properties as well as innovative cutting edge designs.



1. Hello Alejandro, could you please introduce yourself?

First of all thank you Laura to have this window to introduce myself and our company to our colleagues of the SpanishCham in Singapore.

Born in Soria, I studied mining engineering but I change a bit the field and ended on ceramic business, that although is non very well know it’s a huge business in Spain.

I have been always traveling across the world mainly for work so this is part of my DNA. In my spare time I love to discover new places, read historical books and spend time with my family and friends.


2. What brought you to Singapore?

Last year we decided to start a new office in Asia to be closer of our customers and to expand our business in this raising region. Finally, after look for multiple options across several countries, we ended up here in Singapore due their facilities of the government to stabilize here a new company , the financial and legal security of the country and also the possibilities to expand here our local business.


3. You arrived to Singapore just before the crisis, what is your opinion about these months here?

We arrived here just before the CB, so we haven’t enjoyed open Singapore as residents too much, just a couple of months. This year 2020 has been hard for everybody regardless their place of residence, not only in Singapore. All people have their own stories including being far from family, reduction of job opportunities, prohibition of many social activities, but we have to be strong and everything will soon be back as before.


4. What is your point of view in regards to making business in Singapore?

Singapore has always been a trading point in South-east asia thanks to their open policy to the world. Now, thanks to the new FTA agreement, it’s getting easier for us to make business and introduce our products into final customer in this market. We have hard competitors in this part of the world, but finally many customers still prefer the quality and design of a product Made in Spain.


5. Even in the middle of this situation, Grespania was able to achieve its objectives, right? How was this possible?

Finally, it only has been possible with hard work. Our APAC team here and in Spain has made a huge effort working closely to our distributors, architects, designers and developers who are our main product users. They recognizes in us our support as well of the quality of the products.

Although construction was interrupted in Singapore due the circuit break measures, we have continued working closely with our customers bringing our support in this difficult times and helping them for the upcoming projects that will be ready in the next months.


6. How could our readers know a bit more about Grespania?

Grespania is an international ceramic manufacturing company, part of a ceramic business holding, producing collections which boast both innovative technical properties as well as innovative cutting edge designs. A combination of ongoing investment in further improving the manufacturing process, continual adaption to latest advances in design, and a permanent concern for the ‘good of the environment’ have all helped ‘stamp’ the Grespania brand as a global market leader for the past 40 years. The possibilities within the Grespania product range are endless: from ideas for those seeking a touch of personality and unique style for their homes, to technical solutions for professionals involved in the most exciting building projects. Grespania has three factories all equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the most advanced processes for the production of porcelain floor tiles, white body wall tiles and large format porcelain slabs up in varying thicknesses and sizes ideal for kitchen worktops, tables, interior design, facades,

In addition to its production facilities, Grespania has 3 service centers in Spain, 5 subsidiaries in Europe and 2 overseas. Today, close to 40 years on, Grespania continues to build and look towards the future.


7. Would you like to make a recommendation to people thinking about coming to Singapore?

At this current times, maybe new expats think twice before take the step to come here or to other place outside our country. However, Singapore has always been an open country and a place with a huge expat community that makes easier the first moments here and to feel like home.


8. And last, what is your favourite place in Singapore?

Singapore has many hidden places and gems that I have on my to do list for the future. However my favourite place are the gardens by the bay. Maybe it’s an easy pick as I have them close to my place, so I visit them quite often just to walk or to make some exercise around them. Now are feel a bit sad without the tourist and visitors, but for us it’s a fantastic time to get some relaxion on a usual crowded space.


Thank you for your time Alejandro!


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