Knowing our members… ASIER SINDE

Asier Sinde and Sekim International


Asier Sinde is the co-founder of Sekim International, a business development agency that follows a “cluster” approach to helping SME and start-ups grow their business across ASEAN, leveraging digital lead generation assets and a local sales teams.



  1. Hello Asier, could you please introduce yourself? 

I am originally from Bilbao, a small city in the Basque region in the northern part of Spain. Even if I graduated as an engineer in Spain, I have spent most of my professional career in the field of international business development, first in London and then in Hong Kong and South Korea before moving to Spain in 2014. After 5 years in my hometown we moved the family to Singapore in 2019 to establish SEKIM International.


  1. How could our readers know a bit more about SEKIM International?

We like to see ourselves as a company helping Davids compete against Goliaths. We believe that start-ups and SMEs with limited resources are the ones that need help to compete with multinationals and expand their international footprint.

Considering that the start-up and SME market segment is highly fragmented, we create “clusters” of companies with a common target market that we can then help through:

  • Digital marketing for lead generation and brand development in the region
  • A regional sales team with local presence in key markets across ASEAN.

Our website (currently being revamped) outlines the services we provide, however, it is best to send us an email to and we will be happy to connect and explore how to help.


  1. What brought you to Singapore and what kind of companies should better know about you and the services offered by Sekim?

From the business standpoint, it was important for SEKIM International to be located at a regional hub like Singapore. Our aim is to become the outsourced regional sales and marketing office of European SMEs, so any well-funded start-up or SME looking to grow in the ASEAN region would benefit from our services.


  1. You arrived to Singapore just before the crisis, one year ago, what is your opinion about these months here?

Because of Covid19 we have not been able to enjoy Singapore fully yet. However, the 12 months we have been here have confirmed that we have made the right choice moving here. In addition to being a business and family friendly country, which we already knew, Singapore has made us all feel safe during the pandemic, something we highly appreciate and value.


  1. What is your point of view in regards to making business in Singapore?

As a regional hub, doing business in Singapore is highly efficient. The high concentration of businesses and decision makers makes it easier to network and move the business forward. Singapore is also a gate to the rest of ASEAN, one of the fastest growing regions in the next 10 years.


  1. Would you like to make a recommendation to someone thinking about coming to Singapore?

I´d rather encourage people to try it and see it for themselves. Especially for those in Europe trying to take their start-up off the ground, Singapore offers access to talent, investment and to fast growing economies in the region.


  7. And last, what is your favourite place in this country?

Because of Covid we have yet to explore all that Singapore has to offer. We have spent most of our time in our neighborhood with our kids so I´m not sure I´m in a position to say which is my favorite place in the country. However, we really enjoy going to Botanic Gardens and to Jurong Lake Gardens… when it´s not too hot of course!



Thank you for your time Asier!


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