The impact of technology on sport

Technology in sports range from the unseen to the jarring, but in whichever form it comes in, Technology has undoubtedly revolutionised sport.

From helping to maintain optimal conditions on the playing grounds, to enhancing viewing experiences, using data to put to paper that intangible feeling of greatness when we see it, to coaches and athletes being to analyse their game to improve specific aspects and ultimately help the audience to better understand the intricacies of the sports we love- Technology has been quietly transforming the world of sports for years, and will continue to be a portal to the future.

In this webinar, we will talk about the impact of technology on sports and how the pandemic has affected the sports technology industry.

Event Details
Date: Wednesday, 2 December 2020
Place: Zoom Online Webinar
Time: 5PM (SGT)
Language: English
Registration Deadline: Wednesday, 2 December, 3PM

About the speakers


Benoit Croissant has over 20 years of experience in the sports industry as a professional football player, entrepreneur, Fifa agent, football pundit and various leadership roles in APAC & the Middle East. Benoit is the Commercial Director for Catapult Sports in the Middle East, South and Southeast Asia.



Íñigo Bonilla has developed his professional career fully linked to the sports industry, with over 5 years of experience working at different sports companies, such as LaLiga where he has been managing and developing the CRM Strategy for 2 years. He is leading the international expansion of the GSIC Powered by Microsoft. Holds a dual degree in Business & Marketing and a Master degree in Sports Management and Sports Marketing.



Steven Cliffe is a sports content specialist with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Steven is involved with the creation and distribution of content across sports data, short-form video and editorial for a wide range of partners across sports Federations, Teams and Media publishers. He has been based in Sydney for ten years and has had an APAC wide role for the last four years.





MODERATOR – Adrián Prol is a specialist in business development with experience working in Spain, UK, China and Middle East and since more than 3 years working in Singapore as LaLiga representative. He holds a Degree in Business in Santiago de Compostela University and a MBA in European Business School. Passionate about sports who enjoys his work in this industry but has also developed his career in different sectors such as fashion, health, consulting or banking.