Gema Blasco


Gema Blasco is the Director of Tinkle Singapore.


  1. Hola Gema, could you please introduce yourself?

    Hola, thank you very much for the opportunity to share our project and experience. 

    I’ve always enjoyed travelling and exploring new countries, and so in 2013 my family, my husband Javier, daughter Maria and I moved to Singapore. Upon arriving we fell in love with the place and after conducting market research we decided to extend TINKLE, our family business started in Spain in 1999, to Southeast Asia. Prior to our move, I was a lawyer at a Spanish law firm, whilst teaching at the Barcelona University.

  2. Can you tell us the main activities and services provided by Tinkle?

    Based on the idea that Communication is omnipresent and an extremely powerful tool in our new world, TINKLE is a communications agency that seeks disruption in how to communicate and influence. 

    We have helped companies worldwide venture into new markets. 

    As a Spanish headquartered agency with a global presence, Tinkle has expertise in conducting research, and creating communications strategies that adapt to each market; as well as understanding different governing policies and seeking local insights for various key target segments.

  3. Can you explain us the main reasons why you decided to established Tinkle in Singapore?

    Professional life must match with personal life and passions. When eight years ago we decided it would be good lo live and explore life in Asia, we thought that Singapore was the best place to be as it combines creativity, business, and an amazing landscape. After a short time in Singapore, we clearly saw the potential of the APAC market and decided to set up an office to offer our services in the region.

  4. How would you briefly explain the company’s business strategy for Asia?

    Communication strategies are not region-specific, so we decided to export our successful business model from Spain and Portugal to Asia.  Listening to the market, to the local culture and insights, we decided to focus on social media and digital marketing to give response to the big challenge for the international companies and other players to be positioned on the digital ecosystem.

  5. How do you think the current pandemic has changed the Social Media Marketing for companies?

    Since the pandemic started, people spend more time in front of the computers, purchasing online or chatting… The real change has not happened on social media marketing but on consumers behaviors and now companies have the challenge to adapt to this new trend: more digital consumers, more informed clients, more impact from social and digital media identity. What matters now is how you can be efficient, clear and original on social media to differenciate from competitors.

  6. What are the next challenges for brand building and consolidation after Covid-19?

    After Covid-19, trends show us that consumers seek for brands with a purpose. Having a sustainable marketing strategy is a long-term initiative. Brands want potential and existing customers to know that they care for the generations to come and are truly committed to the well-being of the planet.

  7. As for the time you spend in Singapore, can you tell us your favorite places to spend your free time or a special restaurant that you would recommend us?

    I have always loved spending time visiting art galleries at Gillman Barracks It is one of my favorite places in Singapore, and reflects how the contemporary art and culture commitment has evolved over the years in the country. 

    Gracias Gema!

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