The ¨Spanish-Singaporean Chamber of Commerce¨ (SpanishCham SG) is hiring a new GENERAL MANAGER.

The ¨Spanish-Singaporean Chamber of Commerce¨ (SpanishCham SG) is hiring a new GENERAL MANAGER.

Position: General Manager of the ¨Spanish-Singaporean Chamber of Commerce¨


The purpose of the SpanishCham SG is to promote business relationships between Spain and Singapore and to help and facilitate the interests of its Members, to which end, the SpanishCham SG shall:

  1. Collaborate with the Spanish Economic and Commercial Office in Singapore to promote Spanish products and services
  2. Promote and facilitate the creation of business relationships among Members of the SpanishCham SG
  3. Facilitate the collaboration between Spanish and Singaporean companies
  4. Promote and strengthen the image of Spain
  5. Perform any functions entrusted to the SpanishCham SG to achieve its aims, in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and the Spanish Economic and Commercial Office in Singapore
  6. Carry out  any other  activities approved  by  the SpanishCham SG to  achieve the  mentioned objectives.


  1. To organize events for Members to establish trade relations, find business opportunities and share their experiences;
  2. To publish a Newsletter and any other publications deemed useful for the Members of the SpanishCham SG;
  3. To give publicity to Spanish products in general, in collaboration with the Spanish Economic and Commercial Office in Singapore;
  4. To assist any companies that wish to be established in Singapore, putting them in contact with experts in any matters as may be required (legal, tax, accounting, marketing, etc.);
  5. To provide the necessary economic, commercial or statistical information to assist Members in establishing or improving their trade relations in Singapore;
  6. To provide commercial information in relation to general or specific Spanish trade interests;
  7. To conduct on-­‐demand market-­‐product research with the object of promoting Spanish exports or investments;
  8. To support Spanish exporters, whether operating from Spain or through commercial agents or representatives;
  9. To inform Spanish exporters of possible importers, distributors or representatives for their products in Singapore;
  10. To inform Spanish and Singaporean investors on foreign investment legislation  in  the respective countries;
  11. To collaborate with trade missions organised by other Chambers of Commerce or by Spanish trading organisations;
  12. To manage all the operations at the Chamber: searching for new Members; budgeting, incomes and expenses, accounting, taxes, etc…
  13. Any other service that allows the SpanishCham SG to achieve its objectives mentioned in the preceding article, and that may be on demand;



  • University Degree. Postgraduate studies in Business will be valued
  • Minimum 5 years experience in foreign trade and international business
  • Experience working with government agencies
  • Deep knowledge of the economic and trade situation in Spain and Singapore
  • English speaker and will be highly valued to speak also Spanish

Those interested in this position please send before 26th July 2022 your CV along with an introduction letter to: [email protected]